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PNN Video: We Will Remain A festival that aims to strengthen popular resistance in Masafer Yatta

Posted On: 04-12-2022 | Politics , National News , PNN TV Reports
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Hebron /PNN/ 

Under the title Staying on our land hundreds of Palestinians from various Palestinian cities gathered at “Bakun” Festival despite all the pain and aggression held in the village of Tawani at Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, which is threatened with forced displacement, 

Senior Palestinian officials who attended the festival emphasized the importance of this festival, which depends on the will of the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom.

Speakers during the festival stressed the importance of working to stop the attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation army and Israeli extremists settlers,They also stressed that the international community is required to stop these attacks and work to protect Palestinians until they achieve their independence and end the Israeli occupation.

The speakers stressed that they all believe that the Palestinians agree to strengthen their internal unity so that they are able to confront the new right-wing Israeli government that is based on the idea of supporting settlements.

Sabri Saidam, member of the Fatah Central Committee told PNN reportr that this festival comes to emphasize the unity of our people, stressing the need for unity to be a protective barrier for Masafer Yatta , which is considered one of the first lines to defend Palestinian rights.

Saidam clarified that the change, Fatah movement, the Wall Resistance Committee, the people of the Masafer, and all the factions, headed by Fatah, will work to meet to continue the struggle and challenge Israeli measures.

The Settlement Resistance Committee, in turn, stressed the importance of this festival in confronting the attacks of the occupation army and settlers, the latest of which was the killing of a Palestinian youth in Hawara near Nablus yestarday.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee member said that we as Palestinians will remain, despite the bulldozing, notifications and demolitions, united in our chests in confronting the killing machine and the Israeli fascist criminal government and its settlers.

He added that this festival aims to renew energies and renew ideas for struggle tools to confront a fascist right-wing government and extremist settlers whose goal and their government's goal is to expand settlement. Therefore, we must work to strengthen our unity and work on creative struggle activities that protect our land and people and to expose this occupation crimenal acts.

For his part,Muhammad Hamdan change movement for popular recsistance director said that this event is held today to tell people of Masafer Yatta, that their people are with them, and that they come from all the cities of Palestine to tell the citizens of Masafer Yatta that we are with you.

Hamdan added that change movement in cooperation with the Fatah movement and all the popular resistance committees, meets to launch a new phase of struggle and Palestinian popular resistance based on the idea of unifying efforts to support and serve our people.

Representatives of Masafer Yatta, in turn, expressed their sincere thanks to change  movement ;Fatah movement, and all the official bodies who came today to support them through this festival.

Muhammad Abu Zahra, Chairman of the land defense committees and a  Fatah movement leader in thein Yatta told PNN that the festival today carries many messages, the most important of which is seeking to unify the efforts of the various parties, groups and institutions that work to strengthen the steadfastness of our people. The Palestinian is a message to the occupation that we are united, just as it is a message to the Masafer Yatta children that their people are with them.

The Palestinians affirm that they are not afraid of the policies of the neo-fascist Israeli right-wing government, but they demand that the world work to stop the crimes of previous and future governments by ending the Israeli occupation.



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