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Presidency says daily IOF killing of Palestinians is a declaration of war and will destroy every

Posted On: 29-11-2022 |
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The Presidency condemned today the Israeli occupation's crime of killing three young Palestinian men, including two siblings, in Kufr Ein, near Ramallah, and the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, stressing that the daily killing of Palestinians is a declaration of war and is bound to destroy everything.

Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh told the official Voice of Palestine radio that the Israeli government bears full responsibility for these crimes and must be held accountable for them, noting that the current and next right-wing governments have declared daily war on the Palestinian people.

“The American administration also bears a great responsibility for the Israeli occupation authorities’ continuous crimes against our people, as it is the only caretaker of the occupying state in the world, supplying it with arms and money, and in international forums. It must reconsider its positions,” he said.

Abu Rudeineh stressed that the US administration must take serious stances that would deter the occupying state from continuing its crimes that destabilize the entire region and could destroy everything.

He pointed out that the Palestinian leadership is capable of taking decisions that protect the interests of the Palestinian people.

The spokesman for the presidency said that Israel’s war against the Palestinian people will not defeat them or lead them to surrender.

"Israel must realize that it is isolated,” said Abu Rudeineh, calling on the US administration to reconsider its policies because it stands alone as a protector of the Israeli actions and does not take any serious position, rather is satisfied only with making promises and not implementing anything. “It must be more serious if it wants security and stability in the entire region," he said.

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