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Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in occupied West Bank

Posted On: 29-10-2022 | Politics , National News
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Israeli forces have killed two Palestinians in the West Bank in a further escalation of their aggression in the occupied territories.

Imad Abu Rashid, 47, was fatally shot in his head and chest at the Huwwara checkpoint, south of the city of Nablus. The second Palestinian, who was in the same car at the time of shooting, was later identified as Ramzi Sami Zabareh.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, another Palestinian was critically injured in the Israeli attack.

In a statement, the Israeli military claimed that its forces shot at two suspected vehicles after a passing car opened fire at the checkpoint. But the statement did not mention any casualties among troops.

Israel has stepped up its crackdown across the occupied territories in recent months under different pretexts.

The regime began enforcing the lockdown after reported killing of an Israeli trooper earlier in the month. The sweeping closure has restricted travel in and out of the city for some 200,000 Palestinians.

Since imposing the siege, the forces have been carrying out daily raids throughout the city to hunt down those, who were responsible for the reported death on October 11 of the trooper that the regime says was caused by the Lions' Den -- an emerging group of Palestinian resistance fighters.

On Tuesday alone, the regime killed five Palestinians during a massive search and arrest operation throughout Nablus.

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