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Israeli warplanes attack several locations in the besieged Gaza Strip; no injuries were reported

Posted On: 18-06-2022 | Politics , National News
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Israeli occupation warplanes this morning attacked several locations in the besieged Gaza Strip causing heavy damage but no injuries, according to local sources in the Gaza strip.

He said a reconnaissance plane fired one missile at a location in the center of the Gaza Strip, followed by four other missiles fired by warplanes destroying the site and causing a fire.

A warplane also fired two missiles at Malaka site, east of Zayton neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City, destroying it in total.

A drone said the correspondent, fired two missiles at a location north of Beit Lahiya, and another location east of Beit Hanoun, in the north of the Gaza Strip, destroying them in total and causing damage to nearby homes.

Warplanes and drones are continuing to fly over the Gaza Strip and more explosions are being heard every now and then, said the source.

Israel claims the attacks came after a missile was fired from the Gaza Strip and intercepted over the city of Asqalan, in the south of Israel.

Israeli navy ships, meanwhile, last night and again this morning attacked fishermen sailing in the south and north of the Gaza Strip and forced them to return to shore, according to local sources.

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