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Fatah Sounds Alarm: Israeli Prisons as Sites of Palestinian Leaders' Demise"

Posted On: 18-03-2024 | National News , Prisoners
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Fatah movement in the West Bank have warned of Israeli prisons turning into mass graves for the elimination of Palestinian leadership from our male and female prisoners. The responsibility lies entirely with the extremist right-wing occupation government for the life of leader Marwan Barghouti and all our prisoners.

Fatah regions stated they look forward to urgent intervention from all the free people of the world and friends of the Palestinian people to shed light on the reality of what is happening in occupation prisons.

Fatah in the West Bank called on all international and human rights institutions to pressure the occupation government to protect Palestinian prisoners, open prisons for visits, and provide all the necessary needs for prisoners who are subjected to a retaliatory campaign amidst ongoing warfare and escalating arrest campaigns.

Furthermore, Fatah's regions emphasized that Israel's genocidal war will not break the will and cannot vanquish leader Marwan Barghouti and all Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons.

Fatah also stated that amid the ongoing genocide perpetrated by the occupier against our people in Gaza for over 164 days, during which more than thirty thousand martyrs have fallen, most of whom are children and women, there are crimes that shame humanity committed against journalists, medical and relief teams, and over four hundred martyrs in the West Bank and Jerusalem during this war. Additionally, more than nine thousand prisoners in collective detention camps, rather extermination camps, where our brothers and sisters prisoners are subjected to various forms of torture, abuse, revenge, and more than ten martyrs inside the prisons, indicating the occupier's escalation against the prisoner movement and against leader Marwan Barghouti, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah, to complete the liquidation plan practiced by the extremist occupation government against all components of our people, unaware of a world whose concern has become delivering aid rather than stopping the genocide.

Fatah in the West Bank affirmed that the evidence emerging from occupation prisons confirms that all our prisoners are subjected to a similar approach to collective detention camps during World War II, in a repeated scene of starvation, torture, deprivation of drinking water, treatment, clothing, visits, and raids, escalating punishment against all members of the prisoner movement in an attempt to humiliate and break the will of the prisoners. The recent bloody assault against leader Marwan Barghouti is nothing but a continuation of the same approach in an attempt to break the will of the entire Palestinian people, amid the world's silence in the face of these crimes and what we see happening inside occupation prisons.

Fatah affirmed that despite all these overwhelming circumstances, international failure, and great sacrifices, it is time to turn to the language of unity against this arrogance, hoping it will be the way to force the world to stop this war.

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