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Palestinian shot and killed during an Israeli army raid of a village near Tulkarm

Posted On: 23-03-2023 | Politics , National News
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 A 25-year-old Palestinian man identified as Amir Imar Abu Khadijeh was shot and killed this morning during an Israeli army raid and siege of his house in the village of Izbat Shoufa, southeast of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarm.

The Ministry of Health said Abu Khadijeh was brought to hospital in Tulkarm after he was hit by a bullet in the head that led to a complete laceration of the skull and forced the brain out of his head. He was also shot in the lower extremities.

Murad Droubi, a local activist, said a large Israeli army force raided the village, closed its main entrance and prevented movement of people and cars while the force surrounded a house in the village.

Witnesses said gunfire was heard during the siege of the house that resulted in the killing of Abu Khadijeh.

The Israeli occupation forces have killed 87 Palestinians since the start of the year, including 17 minors, two elderly men, and one woman.

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