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Three young Palestinians killed during Israeli military offensive against Tulkarem and its northern towns

Posted On: 16-05-2024 | National News
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Three Palestinians in their 20s were killed and others were injured after midnight on Wednesday during an Israeli military offensive against the city of Tulkarem and its northern towns, according to local sources.

Three Palestinians were fatally shot by the occupation forces during a military raid into the city. According to sources, Israeli forces stormed the city and proceeded to intensively and randomly open live fire toward residents and throughout the streets of the city.

According to the Ministry of Health, the three slain Palestinians were identified as Ayman Ahmad Mubarak, Husam Imad Da’bas, and Mohammed Yusif Nasrallah, aged 26, 22, and 27, respectively.

WAFA correspondent said that large military forces stormed the city from its western entrance and stationed their troops and military vehicles in the vicinity of Jamal Abdel Nasser Square in central Tulkarem and the municipality’s old Garages Complex, as well as near Martyr Thabet Thabet roundabout, the Tulkarem Government Hospital and the Banks area.

The military forces also stormed the towns of Deir al-Ghusun and Attil.

Sources reported that the occupation forces deployed snipers throughout the streets of the city and on the rooftops of buildings, shooting at every moving object.

The occupation forces also raided Beit Al-Maqdes Co. for Money Exchange in the old garages complex in the western part of the city and the Fakhr al-Din money exchange shop in the town of Attil, carrying out extensive searches.

The occupation forces detained a youth who works in a money exchange shop during the military offensive after raiding his home in the town of Anbata east of Tulkarem. The youth was identified as Yazan Shehadeh.

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