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Israeli Government Plots Financial Strangulation of PA, Defying International Vision for Statehood

Posted On: 16-05-2024 | Politics , Israeli news
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Tel Aviv / PNN Special Translation - 

Channel 11 on Israeli television revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held meetings with government ministers from right-wing and Likud parties, where they decided that the Palestinian Authority must be eliminated to thwart international and American efforts calling for the Authority to have a future role in Gaza.

The Israeli channel and media quoted Finance Minister "Smotrich" as saying: "It is time to end the Palestinian Authority by working to bankrupt it and thus get rid of it."

Meanwhile, the extremist minister, Ayelet Shaked, said that his friend, Finance Minister Smotrich, was right when he said that the Palestinian Authority supports terrorism and does not deserve a single shekel.

Netanyahu said last night in response to statements by the Israeli army minister, Yoav Gallant, who said that there must be a Palestinian party governing Gaza and that Israel rejects the re-imposition of Israeli military rule over Gaza, that Israel will not involve any party in the civilian administration of Gaza, certainly not the Palestinian Authority, which represents another terrorist face.

It is worth noting that the ongoing Israeli threats and actions against the Palestinian Authority to weaken it financially contradict the vision of the international community, including the United States, to transform the Authority into a state as part of a future political solution. However, under the right-wing Israeli government, Israel seeks to end the existence of any Palestinian political or even economic system.

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