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World Bank Applauds Jerusalem Electricity Company's Technological Advancements

Posted On: 14-05-2024 | National News , Economy
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The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Electricity Company, Engineer Hisham Al-Omari, along with the company's General Manager Engineer Mohammed Zeidan, and the technical and administrative directors, welcomed a delegation from the Energy Authority and the World Bank. The delegation included the President of the Energy Authority and Natural Resources Engineer Zafar Malham, Mr. Othman Dioni, Deputy Head of the World Bank Group for the Middle East and North Africa, Mr. Stefan Emblad, the Country Director of the Bank in the West Bank and Gaza, and Mr. Ashok Sarkar, Senior Energy Specialist, along with a group of experts from the Energy Authority and the World Bank.

The visit aimed to familiarize the guests with the company's efforts in distributing electricity within its jurisdictional areas and to acquaint them with the latest technologies used across its various fields of operation.

A team of company experts provided a brief explanation of the systems utilized by the company to manage its operations at both the administrative and technical levels, highlighting the strengths resulting from the use of modern technology and investment in renewable energy as a fundamental means for sustainability.

The meeting addressed the positive impacts achieved by the company and its stakeholders through the use of the latest monitoring, control, and protection systems for medium-pressure networks. It also discussed the company's efforts to transition to smart metering systems, benefiting from the World Bank-funded project to access the latest international billing software programs. Additionally, the meeting highlighted the project aimed at expanding the use of smart meters, with all these technologies contributing to enhancing performance, ensuring maximum utilization of available resources, and boosting efficiency within the company.

The meeting also included a presentation on the role of solar energy in increasing reliance on alternative, safe, and environmentally friendly energy sources, as well as its contribution to bridging the electricity gap from traditional sources. Furthermore, it discussed the impact of the presence of solar power stations on improving technical loss values.

Deputy Head of the World Bank Group for the Middle East and North Africa, Mr. Othman Dioni, praised the Jerusalem Electricity Company for its efforts in providing quality and distinguished services, stating: “What I witnessed today demonstrates a real example affirming the possibility of having electricity companies that provide advanced and world-class services in areas suffering from instability, conflicts, and political and military disturbances.”

He added: "You are operating with advanced standards that place you at the level of globally advanced technology companies." Furthermore, Engineer Zafar Malham, the President of the Energy Authority, commended the overall performance of the company and its continuous pursuit of excellence.

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