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Violent Settler Attacks Leave Palestinians Injured and Homes Ablaze in West Bank Villages"

Posted On: 13-04-2024 | National News , Human Rights
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Six Palestinians suffered injuries, one severely, in a recent assault by settler militias on the village of Al-Mughayyir, situated northeast of Ramallah.

According to local sources, a young Palestinian sustained critical head injuries and was swiftly transported to a hospital for urgent medical attention. Concurrently, five other individuals were shot in the lower extremities during the settlers' attack on the village.

In a distressing turn of events, settlers also targeted the funeral procession of Jihad Afif Abu Alia (25 years old), who lost his life in yesterday's attack by settlers on the village. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

In a separate incident, settlers assaulted vehicles belonging to citizens near the Ein Sinia roundabout north of Ramallah, resulting in damage to several vehicles.

Israeli Settler Attack Leaves Palestinians Injured and Homes Ablaze in Duma

This afternoon witnessed several Palestinians sustaining injuries from gunfire, while numerous homes were set ablaze during a large-scale attack by Israeli settler militias on the village of Duma, south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank.

Suleiman Dawabsha, head of the Duma Village Council, informed journalists that confrontations erupted in the town, during which local Palestinian citizens were shot with live bullets as they tried to repel the settlers' attack. The assailants set fire to several homes in the village.

The attack on the village came in the wake of settlers assaulting homes yesterday evening, coinciding with a widespread raid by occupation forces. Additionally, another significant attack by settlers occurred yesterday in the nearby town of Al-Mughayyir.

Since morning, Israeli settler militias, under the protection of the Israeli army, have sealed the entrances to the towns of Silwad, Turmus Aya, Sinjil, and Deir Dibwan, east of the Ramallah Governorate, while also attacking passing vehicles.

Several Houses and Vehicles Torched as Colonists Attack Al-Mughayyir Village in Ramallah District

Israeli colonists resumed their assault on Al-Mughayyir village, northeast of Ramallah, Saturday evening, torching numerous houses and vehicles, according to security sources.

Armed colonists stormed the village, opening fire on Palestinian civilians and setting ablaze houses and vehicles, all under the full protection of the Israeli army.

Colonists also congregated at Wadi Ain Qiniya, northwest of Ramallah, and near Dura al-Qare‘ town.

In an earlier incident, colonists, many of them armed, attacked Al-Mughayyir, injuring six villagers with live ammunition, including one critically wounded in the head. Other villagers suffered injuries in their lower extremities.

Colonists also set fire to a house belonging to Khamis Abu Alia and a firefighting vehicle en route to the village, and they fired upon the funeral convoy of 25-year-old Jihad Abu Alia, who was fatally shot by colonists in the village on Friday.

Additionally, colonists attacked Palestinian vehicles near 'Ein Siniya, north of Ramallah, causing damage to several vehicles.

Since Saturday morning, Israeli settlers have attacked the towns of Silwad, Turmus Aya, Sinjil, and Deir Dibwan.

Abu Alia bled to death as Israeli soldiers prevented ambulances from reaching the wounded.

During Friday’s rampage, settlers set fire to more than 40 Palestinian facilities and 50 vehicles in Al-Mughayyir, causing nearby agricultural lands to catch fire as well.

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