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Minister of Health warns Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza is subjected to ongoing crime of genocide by the IOF

Posted On: 17-02-2024 | National News , Human Rights
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The Minister of Health warned in a statement tonight that the Nasser Medical Complex, in Khan Yunis to the south of the Gaza Strip, along with its medical staff, patients, and the remaining displaced persons sheltering there are subjected to an ongoing crime of genocide by the Israeli occupation army.

The minister warned that the Israeli occupation aims to destroy the Nasser Hospital and get rid of everyone inside by using every possible method, including attacking it with missiles, detaining the medical staff, forcing the displaced persons who sought refuge there to leave, ceasing its medical services and cutting off its power, which left oxygen-dependent patients without oxygen.

Al-Kaila added that the Nasser Medical Complex currently constitutes the backbone for providing medical services in the Gaza Strip, maintaining that stopping its work is a disaster in the full sense of the word.

She condemned the Israeli occupation's refusal to allow the displaced persons to leave the Complex through safe corridors, calling on the United Nations and international health institutions to intervene and make greater efforts to protect the hundreds of Palestinian civilians, patients, and medical staff.

The Minister of Health confirmed the serious and catastrophic situation at the Nasser Medical Complex, particularly after Israeli forces evacuated the maternity and surgical ward and forced patients to stay at the old Nasser Hospital building at gunpoint and amid ongoing bombardment, in violation of all humanitarians, legal and international norms and values.

She stressed that patients, including children, women and the elderly, are at risk of death at any moment as a result of the siege imposed on the complex. Four patients died at the hospital earlier today due to the complete power outage, which caused oxygen supplies to run out.

The Minister of Health slammed the Israeli army’s aggression, barbarity and war of genocide waged against civilians, patients, institutions, medical centers and hospitals in Gaza and the West Bank, including Jerusalem, as a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, international law and all humanitarian norms and conventions.

She renewed the urgent appeal for international health organizations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and all UN, international and humanitarian organizations to intervene immediately to protect the medical staff, patients and displaced persons at the Nasser Medical Complex.

She further appealed for exerting pressure on the occupation army to stop its crime against the complex and those trapped inside.

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