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Escalating Violence and Restrictions in West Bank Impact Hunger - WFP Reports

Posted On: 15-02-2024 | Human Rights , International
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The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) warned that the West Bank is grappling with escalating violence, arrests, and movement restrictions that impact hunger.

“Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are losing their work permits [inside Israel] and are unable to leave the West Bank, while commercial activity inside [the West Bank] is limited. This puts the economy – and the humanitarian situation - at risk of further deterioration.”

Israel severely constrained the freedom of movement of Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Road barriers and other types of controls

Since Ocotber7, the West Bank has been facing economic and political deterioration, in addition to the severe constraint on the freedom of movement due to the erection of additional checkpoints, which restricted the movement of residents significantly.

In the meantime, WFP said it is deeply concerned about the humanitarian consequences of an expanded military offensive in Rafah, Gaza, where over a million people are crammed into a tiny area.

“With most aid entering Gaza through Rafah and being distributed there, this would further complicate relief efforts,” said WFP in a post on the “X” platform.

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