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Palestine’s prime software development training program is back to help fight unemployment & provide equal opportunities

Posted On: 02-06-2023 | Economy
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Bethlehem /PNN/

Talent Acceleration Platform’s (TAP) upskilling program is launching a new class for software development this week, to help talented youth in Palestine improve the skills they need to find a job remotely. Since the completion of the last program at the end of 2022, hundreds of people have applied for the new cohort. Now the highly anticipated program is back to help provide equal opportunities for Palestine’s community of aspiring software developers.

From training to high profile jobs

TAP is a Dutch / Palestinian startup which enables talented young people in Palestine to jumpstart their remote careers through 16-week upskilling programs. Students join a skills-based training program which focuses on very specific roles in software development to make them job-ready upon completion. Beyond graduation the company prepares students to get job interviews with international companies.

The training consists of three parts. First, learning and improving technical skills needed for a role in software development. Second, soft skills like communication, self esteem and teamwork, to ensure a seamless integration in any company culture. And at last a remote traineeship to get real work experience. Upon graduation, the students are ready to start looking for jobs with a much higher chance of success. Until now, around 80% of TAP graduates have found a high profile job, either remotely or locally.

Jafar Shunnar, co-founder and CTO of TAP, is excited about the new cohort of students. “Our vision is that Palestine’s talent is used to its full potential. And we want to enable and empower this. With this new cohort of promising software developers we see a group of people with an enormous drive to build their careers, and to make a real impact in the world through their work. Together with our partners we will offer them everything they need to succeed in this.”

TAP works closely with a range of companies in Europe and MENA that hire remotely. These companies get access to the talent profiles and based on their needs and open positions start interviews with TAP students.

Alberto Pardo, co-founder of fitness-startup Fitlov based in Dubai, works with TAP to bring remote talent into his company: “We interviewed three TAP graduates and hired all three of them. That’s how much we love TAP’s talents and its mission.”

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