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Expansion Plans: New Residential Zone Planned for East of Ramat Settlement in Jerusalem

Posted On: 20-05-2023 | Politics , Israeli news
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The so-called Israeli Local Committee for Planning and Construction in occupied Jerusalem has approved the submission of two plans to the District Committee for the construction of new residential areas in the eastern slopes of Shu'urak. These areas are located east of the "Ramat" settlement, which currently has a population of around fifty thousand.

Two private companies, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality, have submitted the plans, which include the construction of 1,700 housing units in 12-story buildings, as well as commercial areas, public institutions, and parks.

The Jerusalem Occupation Municipality stated, "The projects are being implemented within the framework of the Master Plan 2000, as a continuation of the master plan prepared by the municipality. The plans extend along Ramat and expand it towards the east."

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