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"Lighting the Flame of Return in Al-Dheisheh Refugee Camp commemorate Nakba

Posted On: 15-05-2023 | National News , Palestinian Diaspora
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Palestinian refugees in Al-Duheisha camp have ignited the flame of return in the framework of national events to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba (catastrophe) of Palestine. 

This was done in response to the call of national forces, activists, institutions, and the Global Palestinian refugee Network of Refugees, in order to emphasize the right of return.

The flame of return was lit after a public demonstration, during which speeches were given by representatives of Palestinian national factions. Muhammad Taha Abu Aliya, head of the popular committee for services in Al-Duheisha camp delivered a speech on behalf of the national action factions, while Sondos Auda gave a speech on behalf of the Global Palestinian Refugees Network . 

The speeches focused on the Palestinian generations' adherence to the right of return in accordance with international decisions.

Muhammad Taha Abu Aliya, head of the popular committee in Al-Duheisha camp, said that the lighting of the flame today, and all the events in which refugees commemorate the Nakba of Palestine, carry one message: that there is no alternative to the right of return and that there can be no waiver of this right. He pointed to the failure of the occupation's policies and its efforts to erase the right of return from the minds of future generations.

Abu Aliya stressed that the generations who commemorate the Nakba are the young people, and that this is evidence of our people's adherence to their national rights and the failure of the occupation's policies, which seeks to dissolve these rights.

Khaled Al-sifi, director of Ibdaa  Foundation in Al-Duheisha camp, said that this event is one of 53 events in more than thirty countries, aimed at cementing and consolidating the right of return in the minds of our generations.

Al-Saifi added that 75 years of oppression, displacement, and murder are not enough for this hypocritical world to wake up and give Palestinians their rights.

The lighting of the Return Torch event took place at Al-Duheisha refugee camp as part of a series of events held in over fifty locations both inside and outside Palestine. These events are part of the national activities commemorating the Nakba, which emphasizes the unity of the Palestinian people and their consensus on their right to return wherever they may be.

Wissam Al-Hassanat, a member of the Global Network of Refugees stated that our people are still facing the ongoing Nakba, with events organized in 53 locations across 33 countries with a message of unity and a common goal and destiny, pointing out that this gathering reflects our people's unity towards our rights.

Mohammed Al-Jaafari, coordinator of the National Committee for Commemorating the Nakba in the southern West Bank provinces, pointed out that the lighting of the torch is a form of starting the events and the struggle to achieve the right of return, to draw the attention of the world towards the deprived rights, and to strengthen the culture of adherence to this right among future generations.

Palestinians confirm that this year's commemoration of the Nakba is particularly important for refugees as their situation has worsened, which requires serious work to strengthen the preservation of the rights of refugees, especially in light of the occupation's attacks and targeting of these rights, and the complicity and neglect of international organizations, especially the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).

Amer Daraghmeh, Secretary-General of Fatah Movement in Al-Duheisha camp, stated that the message of our people in the Nakba is that the struggle continues until freedom and independence are achieved, and this occupation is expelled from our land. After 75 years, we will remain steadfast, saluting all the steadfast from prisoners, wounded, families of martyrs, and our people who are steadfast in the Gaza Strip.

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