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Union Leader Calls on UNRWA to Address Workers' Demands and Stop Psychologically Harmful Behavior

Posted On: 13-05-2023 | National News , Palestinian Diaspora
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Raed Amira, spokesperson for the Arab Workers Union in the West Bank's Gaza Agency, stated that the health condition of Captain Jamal Abdullah, the head of the Arab Workers Union in the West Bank region, and a number of hunger strikers protesting the UNRWA's denial of their rights, remains under close observation. They are facing difficult conditions that pose a danger to their lives, as they experience occasional health setbacks.

Amira, in a statement to Palestine News Network (PNN), stated that the responsibility is not only on the upper administration of the UNRWA but also demanded that they stop this aggressive behavior and approach, which deliberately leads to the slow death of our colleagues starting from the hunger strikers to the union's head and the general assembly. By doing so, the administration has chosen a path whose consequences are unknown.

Amira emphasized that the Arab Workers Union in the West Bank will continue its strike and escalation if this institution does not respond to their fair and legitimate demands, led by the region's West Bank bonus. He stressed that there will be no space or opportunity for this administration after a year of futile negotiations in which the UNRWA administration seeks to play games with time.

He also affirmed that the union and employees are united in their demands and called on the upper administration not to impose their psychological crises on workers and the work environment, which has been distorted due to their behavior towards workers and the union.

Amira also confirmed that their will is strong and their patience will not waver, and that they are moving forward with determination like never before.


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