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During a TV episode: Specialists talk about violations against Palestinian children and criticize

Posted On: 20-03-2023 | National News , Human Rights , PNN TV Reports
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Child rights experts and activists have reported a significant increase in the targeting of Palestinian children by the Israeli occupation army in recent years, in the face of international silence about these violations against Palestinian childhood.

This came during a television episode implemented by the Palestine News Network (PNN) within a project implemented by Al Road for Culture and Arts Association entitled "Investing in Human Rights" with funding from the Astm Action Solidarity Foundation, which focused on the reality of Palestinian children and their rights.

The episode hosted Dr. Abdel Fattah Abu Sror, General Director of  Al Road for Culture and Arts Association , and Hazem Al-Qasas, Director of the Shorouq Foundation for Children in Al-Duheisha Camp.

According to the speakers in the episode, the number of Palestinian children who have been killed by Israeli occupation forces and extremist settlers has reached 2,115 children during the past two decades. There are also thousands of children detained in Israeli prisons, and Israel has made amendments to its laws to allow for the arrest of children under the legal age.

The speakers in the episode referred to the number of Palestinian children under the age of 18, which reached about 2.35 million children; 1.20 million male children and 1.15 million female children. This makes up 43.9% of the total population in Palestine.

The speakers addressed various forms of attacks in recent months against Palestinian children, including killings and arrests during the incursions carried out by the Israeli occupation army, especially in Palestinian refugee camps.

Dr. Abdel Fattah Abu Sror and Hazem Al-Qasas confirmed that one of the biggest challenges facing children's rights under this Israeli occupation is the violation of Palestinian childhood. They also stated that there are efforts to protect Palestinian children from the occupation at the local and international levels, but these efforts are not sufficient and require practical steps by the United Nations, UNRWA, and other international organizations.

They pointed out that more than 1,031 violations were recorded against children in Palestine during the years 2020-2021 by the occupation, and in the past year, they multiplied in the absence of punitive measures against the Israeli occupation.

The episode also discussed the reality of children at the internal and societal level in Palestine and the efforts aimed at improving their conditions and promoting their rights in the fields of education, health, and enjoying their childhood and keeping them away from the risks of smoking, drugs, and child labor. They also pointed out that there are laws protecting childhood that are not enforced in many cases.

The speakers in the TV episode also discussed the reality of children from a psychological aspect affected by the political, economic, and social conditions in Palestine, and the efforts to support them in the field of psychological support services for children.

Regarding the issue of child labor in Palestine, which has recently witnessed painful scenes of children working in the streets and various places, the speakers presented some details of the efforts, steps, and actions needed to protect Palestinian children and bring about change in Palestinian society through the cooperation of various entities to protect childhood in Palestine.

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