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At least 5 Palestinian killed by IOF in Jericho

Posted On: 06-02-2023 | Politics , National News
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 Jericho / PNN/ Anna Jones

Several Palestinian fighters were killed by the IOF in Jericho early Monday morning. 
According to the IOF the raid was a part of an operation to target suspects involved in a shooting on a nearby restaurant on the 28th of January. There were no injuries in this shooting.

On the 28th of January two men approached a restaurant close to Jericho. One of the men opened fire, before fleeing toward Jericho by car. No one was injured in the restaurant shooting. Since then, the IOF have made efforts on locating the pair, which, according to the IOF, is likely to be a part of a wider Hamas affiliated armed group in the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, close to Jericho. The IOF also established checkpoints and roadblocks and has been questioning Palestinians entering and exiting Jericho for weeks.

According to the IOF several Palestinian fighters, including the two men behind the January shooting, were killed in the attack on Monday morning and several more were wounded. No one from the IOF was hurt in the attack.

Media reports said five or seven were killed in the attack on Monday morning. The Palestinian Authority Health Ministry reported that only three were hurt in the clash, indicating that the bodies of those killed were taken by the Israeli occupation forces.

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