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After 40 years in Israeli prison, Israel release longest-serving Palestinian prisoner Karim Yunis

Posted On: 05-01-2023 | National News , Prisoners , Human Rights
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Karim Yunis, the oldest political Palestinian prisoner at the global level, hugged freedom today forty years later in the injustice of Israeli prisons.

Younis, 66, from Arab-Israeli town of Ara in northern Israel, was detained on January 6, 1983, for his resistance of the Israeli occupation and sentenced to life in prison, which was later commuted to 40 years.

In a very touching sad scene, captive Kareem Yunis hugged his mother's grave, and said that 40 years old and we are in captivity, and we are ready to sacrifice another 40 years for our freedom as Palestinians.

After his release, Yunus added the prisoners' message to the Palestinian people, saying, "My consolation is that I left the prisoners united, and they hope that our people will be united, and we learned in prison that unity is the law of victory, in the face of the threats of Ben Gvir who wants to bring them back to the seventy years.”

Karim Younes family and his friends from all historical Palestine cities including Jerusalem and west bank, celebrated the liberation of Younes from Israeli prisons after 40 years of captivity since his arrest in 1983, with the Palestinian flag, traditional songs and patriotic songs.

As for the circumstances of his release, Yunis told reporters  in front of the cemetery: “The Israeli police forces raided prison at night, and suddenly transferred me from prison to another, push me from one vehicle to another, and this increased my emotion, then they put me at bus stations at Ra'anana city , which is inhabited by a majority of Israeli Jews, and asked me to go through it to a Aa'ra his Palestinian village, and I found some Palestinian workers on my way, I contacted my family from their mobil phones until my brothers arrived.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners said that the occupation authorities released the prisoner Karim Yunis early today, and took him down in the city of "Raanana", an attempt by them to thwart his massive reception.

The Israeli occupation authorities released Karim Yunis, who's member of the Central Committee of Fatah movement, early Thursday morning. He was released in the middle of an Israeli city inhabited by a majority of the Jewish people (Raa'nana) and left him alone there to ruined his joy and everyone he loves and waits for.

"I greet our great Palestinian people," Captains Karim Yunis said in his first words after freedom, "Palestinian people have been fighting for 100 years without raising the white flag and we will never do." he added.

The first orientation of the prisoner Kareem Younes after his liberation was a visit to the mother of the captive Maher Yunis and then he visited his mother grave.

President Abbas congratulates longest-serving Palestinian prisoner on freedom

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas today congratulated in a phone call Karim Younis, a Fatah official and the longest-serving Palestinian freedom fighter, on finally getting released after spending 40 years in Israeli prisons.

President Abbas said that Younis represents a symbol of the Palestinian people and the free people of the world in steadfastness.

He stressed that prisoners are the cause of the entire Palestinian people, adding prisoners are the top priority, and the Palestinian leadership will make every effort to release them from the Israeli occupation detention centers.

PM congratulates longest-serving Palestinian prisoner on freedom

For his part Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh today congratulated Karim Younis, a Fatah official and the longest-serving Palestinian freedom fighter on finally getting released after spending 40 years in Israeli prisons.

Shtayyeh affirmed that all Palestinian prisoners in the occupation detention centers will obtain eventually their freedom, calling on international human rights organizations to intervene to release them all, especially female prisoners, children and the sick among them.

Israeli authorities Thursday released the longest-serving Palestinian freedom fighter Karim Younis after spending 40 years behind Israeli bars.

The Fatah official, and his cousin, Maher Younis, who has also been in Israeli prisons since 1983, were supposed to have been freed in 2014 in a deal brokered by then-US Secretary of State John Kerry in which Israel was supposed to free in four different batches all Palestinian prisoners held since before the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords that launched the peace process between the Palestinians and Israel.


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