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Palestinian youth executed by IOF near Nablus

Posted On: 02-12-2022 | Politics , National News , Human Rights
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Nablus /PNN /

An Israeli occupation soldier today Friday shot at point-blank a Palestinian youth following a scuffle between them in central Huwwara to the south of Nablus, according to video of the shooting.

The video showed the soldier shooting the youth at point-blank after they engaged in a scuffle. The youth was identified as Ammar Mefleh, 22, from the village of Osrin to the south of Nablus.

Israeli forces present at the scene prevented residents and ambulances from providing aid to the injured youth, spurring clashes with residents.

The ministry of health said the General Authority for Civil Affairs informed the ministry that the youth died of his critical wounds.

The Palestinian presidency tonight slammed the cold-blooded killing of a Palestinian youth at the hands of an Israeli soldier in the town of Huwwara, in Nablus, as a heinous crime and as part of the series of crimes committed daily against the Palestinian people.

The presidency, in a statement, affirmed that these crimes which have become an official policy for the successive Israeli governments require urgent intervention to provide international protection to the defenseless Palestinian people.

It stressed that the continued international silence led to the commission of such crimes in cold blood, stating that the ongoing policy of impunity and lack of accountability have encouraged these governments to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people.

Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said that the scene of the criminal execution of a Palestinian youth in Huwwara, in Nablus, reflects the organized racism practiced by the occupation soldiers.

Shtayyeh expressed his utmost shock and anger over the heartbreaking video footage of the youth being fatally shot at point-blank by an Israeli soldier.

He said that Israeli soldiers feel assured that they will not be held accountable for their crimes which encourages them to repeat such crimes.

Shtayyeh warned of the dangerous consequences of these horrific crimes, calling on the world countries to promptly intervene to stop the crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinian people and urging the International Criminal Court to speed up holding perpetrators accountable.

Shtayyeh further extended his sincere condolences to the family of the youth.

The ministry of foreign affairs and expatriates condemned the killing of a Palestinian youth at the hands of an Israeli soldier earlier this evening in the town of Huwwara to the south of Nablus.

The ministry in a statement condemned this heinous crime committed by an Israeli racist soldier against 22-year-old Palestinian youth Ammar Mefleh.

It held the Israeli government directly responsible for this heinous crime which proves once again its predetermined plans to explode the situation and expand the scope of killing and targeting of Palestinians.

The ministry maintained that the fascism practiced by Israeli lawmakers generates a feeling among soldiers that they are protected by the political and judicial levels in the occupation state.

It stressed that this heinous crime must prompt the International Criminal Court (ICC) to uphold its responsibilities, break its silence, and promptly end its investigations to ensure the prosecution of the criminal who committed this crime, and other crimes.

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