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The Israeli internal political deficit and its repercussions on the Palestinian issue. Written by: Tamara Haddad

Posted On: 23-04-2022 | Opinion
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For more than seven decades, the suffering has been increasing on all economic and social levels due to the absence of a political horizon, which is accompanied by slogans, with a sharp decline in implementation and an inability to balance between slogan and implementation. It departs from the usual circle of classic concerns that the Palestinian people are fed up with. They are mere slogans for media consumption, deception tactics, and hollow texts like pumpkins whose flesh has dried up. They are of no use except for adornment without a real essence. During the past weeks, the West Bank witnessed difficult days, and no one knows what will happen. Will the future continue as the current situation is, or will it bear positive or negative results? But if we delve into the depth of the Israeli internal political crisis that the coalition led by Bennett suffers from, and whose effects are reflected on the Palestinian issue, the observer of the Israeli scene knows that the future does not carry any positive horizon, but rather the opposite will carry sometimes staying on the status quo and sometimes a negative horizon less than maintaining the status quo to gain Time and draining the Palestinian situation in thinking about the required solution, whether it implements the decisions of the Central Council, or does it keep waiting for the illusions of the US administration and gaining time in favor of the occupation to continue the escalation and settlement operations and the Judaization of Jerusalem and the unification of its western and eastern parts. The Israeli political crisis that the Israeli Knesset suffers from will continue as a result of the coalition’s difficulties after the resignation of “Adit Suleiman,” as the coalition now enjoys the support of only 60 Knesset members, and this matter is in front of the opposition. This means that the current coalition is practically paralyzed, not to mention that the performance of the current government during the last period it spent in power was not within the expectations of the Israeli street for more than one reason: The most important of these is the deterioration of the security situation inside Israel during the last period, and the continuation of the crisis of the Arabs of the interior in front of the policy of racial discrimination between Arabs and Israelis, and just as the current government has been unable to solve the repercussions of the economic aspect and in the face of raising prices and the high cost of living for the Israeli society, so the current coalition lacks popular support and has become Its existence is only a matter of time, and the opponents led by Netanyahu will not be able to form a government because he is also suffering from an internal crisis by forming an alternative government because he currently has 53 seats if the extreme right and the religious unite, and he will not be able to attract the Joint List represented by 6 seats and any other right-wing member of Bennett’s coalition to complete the 61 seats, so The scenario of early elections is likely, but it is a matter of time. If early elections take place, the Arab-Israeli conflict will not be resolved, but the opposite will get worse, specifically in the “inside the Palestinians,” which is reflected in the situation of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, for several reasons: • The reality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict involves multiple elements that make it difficult to predict the foreseeable future, as the conflict is linked internationally and regionally and the new Middle East situation. • Since Israel is an advanced military base, the religious, secular, leftist and right-wing extremist balance within it will continue in a state of internal conflict, except for the security and military balance agreed upon internationally and regionally to maintain Israeli national security and to maintain the stability of the security situation of the American advanced military base represented by "Israel" in the Middle East Without resolving the religious conflict, which is reflected in the survival of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to remain in a state of imbalance, unless the state of the balance of power changes from one pole to two poles, and this may be the outcome of the Ukrainian-Russian war. • Political stability will remain absent from Israel for a long time to come, and it may fall within the context of mobile governments due to the voter's inability to choose parties capable of forming a stable government, which will reflect on the stability of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, sometimes as the situation remains as it is and sometimes for the worse without a political solution to the Palestinian reality . • Also, the conflict of religions in the Middle East is likely to continue in the region, which is reflected on the Palestinian issue by not finding solutions to it. • Also, the Oslo Accord for those who do not know the terms of the agreement realistically stipulates that the Palestinian territories are not occupied but rather disputed lands, and therefore Israel did not give the Palestinians anything but autonomy, and this is what the Oslo Accord stipulated, and since the Palestinian territories are not recognized by Israel in the Oslo Accord It is disputed. Any delay in the process of recognizing that it is occupied, Israel as a strong side will gain time to take the land, so after this period there is nothing left of the land for the two-state solution. Axes of exit from the deadlock: The first of these axes is the economic axis. In recent times, the Palestinian economy has witnessed a noticeable decline as a result of the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian people’s lack of resources to exploit for their productive benefit, not to mention the state of the Palestinian government and its inability to manage the stifling administrative and economic crisis. But the Palestinian people can transform their fragile economy into a strong economy by exploiting the only resource in their hands, which is the human resource. Exploiting this resource with a strategy that serves as the general framework for ideas and initiatives that can diversify the national economy and achieve a balance between its sectors. Developing human minds is Global operation of strong economies and the only way to achieve sustainable development. The presence of expertise and human energies supported by will and determination will push the Palestinian economy towards sustainability, and most importantly, support it with a vision and wise leadership that exploits those skills and the minds of the Palestinian people. It is important to unify economic policies, get rid of the outdated Paris economic agreements, put the right man in the right place, and develop plans based on the involvement of all economic and human capabilities and energies. Exploiting the human resource, especially when we are in a scarcity of natural resources, can lay the foundations of a strong economy, and then follow strong investments and self-production that draws the rules for the Palestinian state. As for the second axis of liberation, science is one of the pillars of building societies and helps to advance in the backward nations and eliminate backwardness, reaction, poverty, ignorance and illiteracy, which is a basic component of life. But the attribute of the science that liberates the country is modern science, so the shift from the stage of indoctrination to the stage of research science here will change the scales. Leaving the historical science and the useless customs and traditions that are circulated by generations to a science based on scientific research, creating a spirit of creativity and intellectual freedom, and using programs that encourage science that keeps pace with the modern era. advanced nations. As for the third axis, resolving the existing rift between the factions of the Palestinian society, which represents an intellectual, ideological, political and programmatic rift, and this is what destroyed the Palestinian society and moved away from real liberation to complete the national project on its land with Jerusalem as its capital. Summary: It is important to find a unified Palestinian political identity for all spectrums and to rally around strategies to strengthen the balance of power at the national, Arab and international levels. The unified identity preserves the historical depth of the Palestinian cause and stands against the Zionist attack that steals land and honor. Activating the Palestinian institutions, starting from the Liberation Organization to the smallest Palestinian institution, reforming them and preventing corruption from them, developing curricula, focusing on research and creativity, following a unified approach starting from heritage to economics to curricula, and maintaining collective successes, then the country will be liberated, and moving away from individual successes, as they are not a real ingredient for success. and actual liberation. Also, if radical change is accompanied by a practical approach, it is like a pipe dream that does not depart from the logic of emotion, as if it is running in the inclusion of scattered air.

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