Hundreds of Children Bring Joy to Children in Need during Christmas March


Mariam Nabil/ PNN Exclusive

This year Children Without Borders institution organized its sixth annual march for the children of Bethlehem to visit institutions for children in need. The march kicked off on Sunday from the Church of Nativity and as a twist the children participating, provided the children of the institutions with presents in an attempt to reflect the spirit of Christmas and the culture of charity that lies within.

Mayor of Bethlehem, Vera Baboun said, "We want to give the children the joy they deserve, it's the least we can do. To continue to giving hope to the children is the true message [of Christmas]."

General coordinator for Children Without Borders, Suhail Deibes added, "This is the sixth annual march to deliver the Christmas spirist and to change the mentality and values of the children. This Christmas the children will give out presents to orphans and children with special needs. The march is sponsored by the Franciscan Foundation. This is our mission for this year."

President of the Franciscan Foundation of the Holy Land, Father Peter Vasko elaborated, "The Franciscan Foundation of the Holy Land along with Children Without Borders give out presents every year and work for peace. Each year we have around 500-700 children attending this event. We are pleased with the fact that we get to help these children, the needy and the Christians of Jerusalem. It's a wonderful way to express the holiday season."

Consulate General of Italy expressed his happiness for being in the city of Bethlehem to celebrate Christmas. Regarding the march he said, "It's an important project we share with padre Ibrahim Faltas, of the John Paul II foundation. The project includes a march where we will be visiting a number of hospitals and religious institutes in order to bring presents to children in Christmas."

Jihad, a volunteer for the John Paul II foundation stated that, "This is a yearly event. We are making this for the children to show that handicapped and suffering children are also part of our society. We want to say that Christmas is for everyone to enjoy."

"From the culture of taking to the culture of giving", Children without Borders march, with the participation of more than a thousand children from different cities of the West Bank, was launched to wish Merry Christmas to the weak and the people in need and to show that Christmas is a message of Charity.

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