Dar Canavati Opens in Bethlehem, to Become Health Education Center


Mariam Nabil/ PNN Exclusive 

Dar Canavati "Canavati's House" building, which was renovated in the cooperation with John Paul II Foundation and the Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation was opened in the city of Bethlehem to be used as health and education center by Italian Mercy Foundation, Father Ibrahim Faltas, head of the John Paul Foundation, told Palestine News Network (PNN).

PNN toured the building and captured the beautiful historical and cultural atmosphere that depicts the Palestinian identity.

This project, according to Faltas, is one of the most important projects in Bethlehem, because the Mercy Foundation will use this center to help the residents in the field of health education, saying "I am happy about the renovation of this house that was belonging to Morra and Canavati families. We demolished the wall between the two houses and join them to be a center used for the interests of the people."

Faltas added the work of the center will commence as soon as possible, as the Mercy Foundation will start at the beginning of 2014.

Issam Juha, Director of Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation said the idea of renovation work of Dar Canavati has started in 2012, as an agreement was signed with the Swedish government to fund the renovation seven old buildings in Bethkehem and the surrounding areas.

The center has worked on the internal design and supervising of the renovation work according to the international standards, and this building that holds the number of 35 is renovated by the Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation , and funded by the Swedish international Agency "Seeda" and government with the cooperation with the UNESCO and the UNESCO office in Ramallah.

The project, according to Juha, took 10 months of work and a budget of a million and 100,000 Shekels.

Vera Baboun, Mayor of Bethlehem, said that the renovation of Dar Canavati will revive it and will be used for a good deed. She told PNN that the heritage of Bethlehem is a discreet legacy, therefore the efforts of John Paul Foundation must be appreciated, because they aim at depicting the identity of the city and its residents.

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