UFree Network: Israel Continues to Assassinate Palestinian Prisoners inside Jails



Tuesday morning 2nd April, a Palestinian prisoner, Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, died in the Israeli jails. The death of Abu Hamdiyeh can be labeled as direct assignation where Israel left him to die without providing him the required medications. Abu Hamdiyeh suffered larynx cancer for the past few months.

Despite his chronic disease, Maysra was medically ignored by Israeli prison authorities. He was denied health care and admitted to the hospital very late. According to his family, many requests were made so specialized doctors can see him. However, the Israelis refused all those requests and continue to give him normal pain killers instead of real medical treatment.

UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian Prisoners denounced the assignation of Abu Hamdiyeh as well as his prison inmate, Arafat Jardat who was killed in similar conditions last month. The network considers the case of Palestinian prisoners as an urgent matter that requires real actions and not only verbal condemnations.

"More silence means more Palestinian prisoners will be killed by Israel. Many Palestinian prisoners are suffering serious health complications. Israel is not providing them any medical treatment, instead it practice physical and psychological torture against them. Actions to end this mayhem are the only way out now. International law is being ignored by Israel and the world is taking part in this crime through its silence" said the network

In light of this serious matter, UFree Network calls for the following:

· A popular non-violent action by the Palestinian masses.

· A political move is required from Palestinian leadership who signed Oslo accord which resulted in the current de facto. The leadership must seek a resolution from the United Nations which practically protect prisoners. It's also demanded to get the membership of the International Criminal Court (ICC) thus; Israeli leadership can be held accountable for its crimes against the Palestinian people and prisoners.

· Palestinian factions and parties should unite and take the necessary measures to face such crisis.

· Arab/Muslim masses are required to act and protest in front of the UN premises in their countries. Such pressure will contribute to create a mainstream on the agency thus it can't remain silent.

· Arab/Muslim communities in Europe are invited to carry out actions in front of Israeli embassies as well as the UN to draw an attention to what's going on. European Union must be also pressured thus it freezes its relation with Israel due to its constant human rights violations.

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