John Kerry reaffirms US support to Israel and cancels his visit to Egypt for the second time

John Kerry


The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, called the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, this morning and asked him to set specific goals and objectives for the ground operation in order to avoid killing more civilians.

During the phone call, John Kerry confirmed that the American government is supporting Israel and its right to self-defense from the Palestinian attacks. He specially emphasized the Palestinian tunnels, which run from the Gaza Strip to the state of Israeli under the border. Kerry also insisted on going back to the 2012 ceasefire agreement as soon as possible.

Benyamin Netanyahu said that new developments and actions have pushed Israel to start the ground operation. The main reason being the new tunnels that haven been dug under Gaza and through which the Palestinian resistance members move around in Gaza and can also infiltrate into Israel.

Moreover, Egyptian security sources reported that Kerry had cancelled his visit to Cairo to discuss the Israeli attacks in Gaza, for the second time. Egyptian media reports that is a strategy to gain some time until he convinces Turkey to participate in the ceasefire negotiations. 

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