Dr. Erekat: "We Will Continue Working for the Release of All Political Prisoners"

Erekat 2


Chief Palestinian Negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat commented on the announcement made Sunday regarding the release of 104 Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails imprisoned before the Oslo Interim Agreement. Dr. Erekat said "We will continue working for the release of all our political prisoners."

"This Israeli cabinet decision is an overdue step towards the implementation of the Sharm Sheikh agreement of 1999, whereby Israel committed to reelase all the Pre-Oslo prisoners. We welcome this decision 14 years later."

The decision includes all Pre-Oslo political prisoners that remain in Israeli prisons, including Palestinians from Israel.

Dr. Erekat continued: "We call upon Israel to seize the opportunity made by US Secretary John Kerry towards the resumption of negotiations in order to put an end to decades of occupation and exile, and to start a new stage of justice, freedom and peace for Israel, Palestine and the rest of the region."

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