Feiglin Accompanied by Israeli Forces and Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, Five Journalists Arrested

figlin setleres


On Tuesday 2nd October, since the early hours of the morning, Likud member Moshe Feiglin, escorted by 50 settlers  performed their religious rituals, under the protection of the Israeli forces. 

Al-Aqsa Association for Waqf and Heritage reported that another group of 30 settlers entered to the mosque through Bab al-Magharbeh, and roamed in its yards.

Israeli forces arrested four Palestinian Journalists, a TV photographer and a girl from inside al-Aqsa mosque. Dozens of Special Forces spread out in the mosque and forced Muslims, whose ages are less than 45, to go out of the mosque.

One of the workers at the mosque told Palestinian news wire WAFA, that a state of high tension prevails al-Aqsa Mosque since early hours of the morning. The Israeli police spread out in all parts of the mosque; the mosque's main gates, streets and roads that lead to the mosque.

Islamic-Christian Committee condemned the continuous raids of Israeli forces on the mosque and the cruel practices and attacks on Palestinians and called for defending Jerusalem and its holy places.

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