Israeli Settlers Try to Torch Palestinian Home in Far'ata

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A group of Israeli settlers tried to burn down a Palestinian home in the village of Far'ata near Nablus early on Tuesday morning, a Palestinian official said.

At least 12 settlers from the illegal Havat Gilad settlement attacked the home of Farad Tawil, said Ghassan Douglas, who is responsible for monitoring settlement activity in the northern West Bank, the International Middle East Media Center reported.

The settlers set fire to flammable liquid at the entrance of Tawil's home, which is at the entrance to Far'ata village. The family woke up and managed to extinguish the fire before it spread to the rest of their home.

The IDF are investigating the arson, which they believe to be a "price tag" attack by extremist Israeli settlers. Israeli soldiers searched the area after the incident, but failed to find the perpetrators, the Times of Israel said.

"Price tag" attacks are carried out by extremist Israeli settlers in revenge for what they see to be Israeli anti-settler policies, such as evacuating illegal settlements.

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