Israel Constructs 20 Fake Grave Stones in Silwan



Over two months ago, Israeli forces began raising land in Wadi al-Rababa in Silwan and constructing fake grave stones in an attempt to seize the area as a sacred space.

Salim Siyam, the head of legal affairs in the Wadi Hilwa Information Center said Israeli forces have constructed approximately 20 graves so far.

Siyam also explained that Israeli forces work slowly to prevent any suspicion as they systematically change the make up of the land and continue to build as many graves as they can.

Siyam said a similar incident happened 10 years ago in Tantour Faroun, where Israeli forces also constructed fake gravestones. In this instance, Palestinians did not take much notice, seeing it more as a harmless absurdity than a significant property seizure tactic.

In his interview with PNN, Siyam implored Palestinians to take this issue to court to prevent the impending consequences if Israeli forces are successful.

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