Ban Ki-Moon Condemned For Israeli Bias

Ban Ki-moon


On Wednesday March 14, Brussels based European Campaign to Raise the Siege on Gaza, strongly condemned the attitude of UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon, regarding the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which continued for four days and resulted in the death of 26 Palestinians and more than 80 wounded including, women and children.

Anwar Gharbi, an official responsible for the legal file of the campaign condemned Ban Ki-moon's statements when he said "rockets against Israeli civilian areas from Gaza are unacceptable and must stop immediately. Israel must exercise maximum restraint."

Gharbi said that Ban Ki-moon's statements are considered a clear alignment to the Israeli occupation against an isolated nation [Palestine], as it is subjected to escalated war crimes.

Gharbi also said, "this is not the first time Ban ki-moon has adopted pro-Israeli and pro- occupation attitudes. Earlier, he banned the freedom fleet boat from entering into the Gaza Strip."

The European Campaign cites that Ban Ki-moon neglected the war crimes that happened in the Gaza Strip and are calling for drastic action.

"What Ban Ki-moon stated as well as his attitudes violate international laws by supporting the aggressor, so he is not qualified to stay in his post and the international society must reconsider his position for the UN as Secretary-General for being biased and unbalanced."

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