Red Cross Office in Ramallah Will Remain Closed

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The Ramallah office of International Committee of the Red Cross will remain closed for as long the Palestinian protesters stay inside its building, ICRC spokeswoman Nadia Dibsi told Voice of Palestine on Thursday, February 14.

She said the office was shut down on Wednesday because it cannot operate with protesters inside the building.

Khader Adnan, a former prisoner, began a hunger strike on Monday inside the Red Cross office in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails on hunger strike to demand their release.

He said he was joined in his hunger strike on Thursday by a mother of a prisoner and an activist.

When Adnan himself was a prisoner, he went on hunger strike for 66 days to protest his administrative detention in Israel. He was released in April.

Adnan told Voice of Palestine that the Red Cross closed all its offices in the building and that he remains confined to a hall without any facilities.

Three Hamas lawmakers and officials took refuge inside the Jerusalem office of the Red Cross for more than a year to prevent an Israeli police order to expel them from Jerusalem to the West Bank. They were later arrested and expelled to Ramallah.

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