300 Organizations Sign Document to Condemn Israeli Occupation



On Thursday March 15, at a UN Human Rights Council conference, 300 international organizations signed during, a call for Israel to lift the restrictions on the Palestinians' movement in the West Bank.

The conference that was held on Wednesday March 14 in Geneva presented information on the Israeli violations in the Palestinian occupied territories. The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights was the main spokesman about these violations.

The regional director for the Observatory, professor Amani al-Sinwar, spoke of the gravest Israeli contraventions of human rights that were committed against Palestinians. Special focus was on the recent processes on Gaza Strip, and what Palestinians suffer as a result of the unjustified Israeli restrictions that aim to control Palestinians lives.

She also talked about the Palestinians who Israel has banned from travelling in the West Bank, of which there is around 4,000 cases from the past year.

She submitted her recommendations for the Human Rights Council and other international organisations, in order to put pressure on Israel to remove the imposed restrictions on the Palestinians' movement.

In response, 300 non-government organisations adopted the recommendations. The report, as a document issued by the Human Rights Council, is to be sent for consideration to the General Assembly of the UN and to its Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in order to put the case of the Palestinians who were banned from travelling on the negotiation table, and to find legal solution for it.

The organisations considered the Israeli violations in banning Palestinians from travelling, targeting academics and prisoners, and evacuating Jerusalem of Arabs, which contravene international law and should be recognised and condemned.

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