Rimawi, Youth President Emphasize on the Importance of Youth Role in Promoting Freedom of Expression

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The youth President Hussein Al-Deik visited the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) in Ramallah. Al-Deik was met by MADA's general director Mousa Rimawi who congratulated the President for winning the competition.

Rimawi and Al-Deik emphasized on the importance of youth role in promoting and enhancing freedom of expression, especially that they have always been the most important element for change and innovation. The Youth President show was initiated and released by Ma'an network, which opened wide opportunities for a large number of young people to express their views and perceptions on important issues of concern to the masses of Palestinian people, which enriched debates on these issues.

Rimawi spoke about the center's efforts in drafting a new access to information law, which was preceded by a lot of work and preparations, meetings and workshops and a national conference in collaboration with the DECAF, followed by a campaign to promote the importance of the law.

Rimawi also touched on the state of media freedoms in Palestine, particularly MADA's semi-annual report issued last month, where MADA monitored 113 violations; the Israeli occupation forces committed 69% of them and the rest were by Palestinian parties. Rimawi also stressed on the importance of intensive efforts to strengthen media freedoms in Palestine.

The Youth President expressed appreciation for the role of MADA in the defense of freedom of expression in Palestine, and stated that young people can play an active role in the promotion of freedom of expression and specifically the masses of youth that communicate with each other via the new social media tools.

Al-Deik stressed the need to strengthen the concepts of freedom and democracy among Palestinian youth, because freedom of expression comes in the forefront of those freedoms, and through which Palestinian youth can express themselves and aspirations and be an active actor in the political life and institution-building of the Palestinian society, especially if they had all the information. Al-Deik added: "this is why I think it is necessary to approve the access to information law, which is indispensable for any society aspiring to development, and it becomes more important to us being a youth society working on building a state".

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