Israel to Allow Imports to Ease Gaza Blockade



Thursday 27th December, Israel will allow 20 trucks a day loaded with construction material to enter the Gaza Strip starting next week, in an attempt to ease its blockade under the terms of a truce deal signed with an Egyptian-mediation between Hamas and Israel after the eight days escalation last month.

The new construction material will be for the Palestinian sector, and this decision will allow private companies and individuals to import construction materials that were previously restricted and only embarked for internationally funded building projects.

It's worth mentioning that the private sector building materials have been banned since 2007 due to security concerns that the material is used to manufacture rockets that are fired at Israeli civilians.

Israel will also allow the entry of 60 trucks per day carrying other goods.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Palestinians in Gaza are expected in the coming days, to gain access to improved electricity infrastructure, aimed at reducing electrical problems experienced in the area.

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