Haaretz: Clinton Warns Netanyahu Not to Take "Strict" Procedures Against PA



On Friday 23rd November, Haaretz Israeli newspaper published on its website that the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, warned the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, not to take "strict" procedures against the Palestinian Authority if Palestine obtains recognition as non-member state in the United Nations.

The newspaper said, "President Abbas expressed to Clinton and Ban Ki-moon his willingness to submit status upgrade bid to UN General Assembly after one week."

Haaretz revealed that Clinton called on President Abbas to reconsider decision to head to the UN or at least postpone it until after the upcoming Israeli elections.

An American official said if sanctions were taken against the PA, the situation will get more complicated, confirming that canceling Oslo Accords or stop transfer tax revenues to the PA will lead to dangerous consequences; including the collapse of the PA.

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