Israeli occupation forces kill Palestinian, injure 16 others in Jenin; demolish a home


A Palestinian was killed early this morning while 16 others were injured by Israeli gunfire in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, which broke into the city to demolish the home of a Palestinian involved in an attack inside Israel in April, sources and the Ministry of Health confirmed.

They said that Mohammad Musa Saba’na, 29, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers during the large-scale military raid into the said city.

A large Israeli military unit, along with a bulldozer, raided the city and closed off all of its entrances, while breaking into several neighborhoods.

The soldiers surrounded a building of 29 apartments in the city and forced its residents out of it before proceeding to demolish and explode an apartment belonging to the family of Raad Hazem, who attacked and killed three Israelis and injured others in Tel Aviv last April before he was later shot and killed.

Clashes broke out between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers during the raid, which resulted in the killing of Saba’na and the injury of 16 others with live bullets, one reported to be critical.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates today condemned the Israeli occupation army’s incursion into the northern West Bank city of Jenin, which resulted in the killing of Mohammad Saba’aneh, 29, and the wounding of 16 others with live bullets, one of them in critical condition, holding the Israeli government and army responsible for the escalation.

The Ministry said in a statement that “the barbaric incursion into Jenin is part of Israel’s systematic and deliberate escalation to turn the Palestinian issue into a security one rather than a political issue that has to do with peace and political solutions to the conflict.”

It said that by holding the Palestinians responsible for the escalation committed by the occupying power, Israel attempts “to cover up the reality of its rejection and turning against all signed agreements while having a free hand in doing anything it wants in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and acting with colonial arrogance as if the agreements had never existed.”

It added: “The occupying state is committing daily violations and crimes against our people, and its various arms are working to weaken the Palestinian Authority and the foundations for its existence as well as its credibility with the Palestinian people.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “what the occupying power is doing is a systematic destruction of the peace opportunities,” holding the Israeli government “fully and directly responsible for these crimes, which are being utilized in the electoral competition in the occupying state.”

It said that it takes these developments very seriously and that it will follow them up with the International Criminal Court and the Human Rights Council, calling on the international community to provide protection for the Palestinian people, and on the International Criminal Court to immediately start its investigations into the crimes of the occupation and its settlers.

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