Presidential spokesman: Visit of the US president to Palestine carries many meanings and implications


The visit of US President Joe Biden to Palestine carries many meanings and implications after a breakdown in the relations since the administration of former President Donald Trump, today said presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh.

Speaking to Palestine TV on Biden’s visit to Palestine yesterday and his meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, Abu Rudeineh said Palestine was the first Arab country visited by the US president since he took office, which has symbolic meanings and carries a message to the Israelis that the Palestinian issue is the centerpiece of the conflict in the region.

He pointed out that President Mahmoud Abbas was very clear about the Palestinian constants and rights and he affirmed that there is no solution or peace in the region without Jerusalem, the key to security, peace and stability. He also stressed that the 1967 borders are the red line, especially East Jerusalem, which is the only path for security and peace for all.

Abu Rudeineh considered the US position an advanced step to its predecessors that must be built on, explaining that the visit of the US president began in Jerusalem, without any Israeli presence, and ended in Bethlehem.

He said the two sides have agreed to continue contact between them to develop the relationship in a manner that serves the Palestinian public interests.

“Palestine, Jerusalem and the historical leadership of our people proved during this visit that they are the address in the region, and the Palestinian cause once again proved that it is alive and does not die, and that any solutions cannot bypass it,” said the presidential spokesman.

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