Zawyeh Gallery launches its first virtual exhibition Bending Toward the Sun from 30 June until 30 July 2022

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Zawyeh Gallery is pleased to introduce its first virtual exhibition titled Bending Toward the Sun by the Palestinian young artist Yazan Abu Salameh. In this exhibition, Abu Salameh attempts to navigate barriers to freedom by depicting enormous suns in his artworks overlooking structures of concrete as representations of military occupation.

The exhibition attempts to pound on the concrete walls as a legitimate cry for justice and a bid to break out of confinement boxes.

Ziad Anani, Zawyeh’s Director, expresses his enthusiasm for the new approach, that the Gallery is taking. He said “We are planning to organize virtual exhibitions throughout the year along with physical exhibitions in our branches in Dubai and Ramallah. We are looking forward to providing the audience with an amazing virtual experience as well as the opportunity to view the exhibitions from different parts of the world”.

He adds “the technology of virtual exhibitions has developed tremendously in the past years and as a gallery, we are keeping up with these developments and bringing the best of experiences to our art collectors.

The technology we use grants the audience a high-quality viewing experience that is very close to reality. Visitors can now tour the venue and see the details of the works including having a close look at the materials, the captions of the artworks, price lists etc. in a straightforward and convenient way. They can choose when to view the exhibition despite their location.

Yazan Abu Salamah was born in 1993 in Jerusalem. He studied Fine Arts at Dar Al-Kalima College in Bethlehem in 2011. He participated in several group exhibitions in Palestine, Jordan, and the UAE including Ramallah Art Fair (2020 & 2021), and Art Dubai (2021) as part of Zawyeh’s booth. His first solo exhibition was held at Zawyeh Gallery/Dubai in 2021

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