Zawyeh Gallery launches “Mist” exhibition by Shada Safadi and Akram Al Halabi in Ramallah

Ramallah/PNN /

Zawyeh Gallery opened Thursday Shada Safadi and Akram Al Halabi duo exhibition titled “Mist”.

The exhibition is a visual journey into narratives in the Golan Heights that touch upon memory, myths, and daily life practices, and is a contemplation of the scene in relation to its broader context.

The two artists present a joint conceptual composition and multi-layered surfaces by creating visual rapport between images, colors, and shapes using simple techniques. Both artists apply a combination of predominantly abstraction and monochrome colors including in the video art, they present: “Whisper” and “Gaze 3”.

A white aura envelops most of the artworks as if it’s a remnant of mist floating in the atmosphere while Halabi’s audio work puts the artworks back in the context that they emerged from, the occupied Golan Height.

Safadi dusts off childhood memories and the deeply rooted beliefs by discussing the symbolism of the place in an attempt to restore personal stories using abstraction, collage, cyanotype printing as well as installation work. While Al Halabi relies on photographs of daily life in his artistic production.

He treats those images using colors, lines, and Arabic letters.

He focuses on symbols and representations weaving a bond between the altered images of abstract reality and letters he illustrates .

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