French Foreign Ministry says it follows up situation of Jerusalemite detainee Salah Hammouri

Paris /PNN/

The French Foreign Ministry is mobilizing all its powers to provide Palestinian-French prisoner Salah Hammouri with all possible assistance, spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, Anne Claire Legendre said Wednesday.

During a daily press briefing, Legendre said the French Consulate General in Jerusalem visited Hammouri Wednesday in detention, under consular protection, just as it visited him on March 21 and May 19, noting that the consulate attends all court sessions.

Ten days ago, the Israeli occupation authorities renewed the administrative detention of Hammouri, a French-Palestinian lawyer, for an additional three months, one day before the date of his release.

In October 2021, the Israeli occupation authorities decided to revoke the Jerusalem residency status from Hammouri.

Legendre confirmed that the French Foreign Ministry has taken several measures with the occupation authorities during the past months, especially with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Presidency, in order to demand that all rights of Hammouri be respected and that he have access to all judicial remedies.

“We want Hammouri to be able to live a normal life in Jerusalem, where he was born and resides, and to grant his wife and children the right to join him,” she added.

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