Israeli occupation forces kill a Palestinian man & blow up the alleged attacker’s house in Jenin


Israeli forces early Thursday blew up and demolished the family house of slain Palestinian freedom fighter Diaa Hamarsheh in the town of Ya’bad, north of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, according to sources.

The sources added that the Israeli occupation forces detained Hamarsheh’s father, Ahmad

Last night, an Israeli large military force, accompanied by 30 military vehicles and a bulldozer stormed the town of Yabad as army snipers climbed onto the roofs of houses in the town, firing live bullets and tear gas canisters at the town’s residents.

A youth who was identified as Bilal Kabaha, 24, was shot by live bullets in the chest and thigh, critically injuring him. He was transferred to Jenin Government Hospital, where he succumbed to his critical wounds. Six other youth were shot by live bullets during the clashes, including three seriously. They were shot in the neck, abdomen, and face.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces cordoned off the three-story family house of Hamarsheh in preparation for demolishing it as part of its collective punishment policy against the Palestinian people.

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