Tayseer Khalid - Executive Committee Palestine Liberation Organization

Khaled: Israel is a rogue state, closing relations with Palestinians on security circle


Tayseer Khaled warned of the consequences for the United States of America in particular, the international community, and the European Union in general dealing with the State of Israel as an exceptional state above the law, that is not subject to accountability for its actions and continuous violations of international law and international legitimacy, starting with its illegal settlement activities, passing through the policy of demolishing Palestinian homes and facilities, the policy of transfer and silent ethnic cleansing that it practices in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Valley, areas south of Hebron and other governorates of the West Bank, ending with murders, field executions, and its army’s ease to press on the trigger in its dealings with Palestinians in cities, villages, and camps, at road junctions and mobile checkpoints.

He added that Israel is behaving as a rogue state whose government refuses to engage with the Palestinian side in any relationship that leads to opening the way to a political path to settle the conflict on the basis of international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, and insists on closing the relations with the Palestinians on a bloody security circle that has claimed more than thirty martyrs so far.

Palestinians, without moving the US administration, along with the European Union countries, left the policy of double standards and put pressure on Israel to stop the policy of daily field executions at a minimum.

In light of all this, Tayseer Khaled called not to wait for revelations to be revealed to the rulers of Tel Aviv, who are loyal to the model they followed in “The Book of Joshua” since the establishment of their state and who are thirsty for bloodshed, and to move to the practical implementation of the decisions of the Central Council in its last session, which was held in early February, starting with a halt Security coordination with the occupation authorities, including the suspension of recognition of the State of Israel until this state recognizes the right of the Palestinians to self-determination and their right to live in an independent Palestinian state on the borders of June 4, 1967, with the city of Jerusalem at its heart, ending with the cessation of the Paris Economic Agreement and the start of a gradual boycott of all products of the occupation, which have a national or foreign alternative.

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