MADA” 75 Violations against Female Journalists in the past Year

Ramallah /PNN/

On International Women’s Day, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom “MADA” expresses its deep concern over the high frequency of violations against Palestinian women journalists, who constitute the main core for revealing the truth, while covering crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

During the past year 2021, MADA Center monitored about 75 violations against Palestinian women journalists by the occupation soldiers and Palestinian sides, which included physical violations and arrests, which affected a number of female journalists during their media coverage in the field, in addition to the violations committed against some women journalists by social media platforms.

MADA Center, which has been exposing violations against women journalists, raising their legal capabilities and digital rights, defending them in the courts, and providing them with free legal assistance through the center’s legal unit, affirms that the center will continue to defend them, and calls for an end to the violations against them and for those responsible for those violations to be held accountable.

MADA Center, as it extends its congratulations to women in general, and to women journalists, on International Women’s Day, believes that the best honor for them is to stop discrimination against them in the workplace and enable them to occupy leadership positions in the media outlets.

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