The US should reopen its consulate in Jerusalem without any concessions: Palestinian Foreign Ministry say

Bethlehem /PNN/

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said today that what is required from the United States administration is to reopen the American consulate in Jerusalem without any concessions or compromises.

The ministry stressed in a statement that the US consulate in Jerusalem existed since 1844, long before the establishment of Israel.

The ministry said that the opposition of the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to the reopening of the consulate does not concern us at all, stressing that what is important is the position of the US administration, which if it really wants to reopen the consulate can do so regardless of the position of Bennett or any other Israeli politician.

It called on the US administration to declare a clear position towards these Israeli statements and positions hostile to peace and to quickly reopen its consulate in Jerusalem because this constitutes a basis for developing and strengthening US-Palestinian relations, and therefore it should not be subject to concessions or compromises.

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