Israeli policy of slow killing of Palestinian prisoners, who are imprisoned in “Ramon” prison


The occupation doesn’t hesitate for a moment to abuse our people, as it practices the worst forms of torture against them during their arrest and interrogation, as a continuation of the series of persecution that doesn’t discourage the will of Palestinian people to defend the homeland and their right to freedom.

In this context, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs revealed in a report issued today, Monday (November 29, 2021), the difficult health condition of the prisoner, Muhammad Adel Daoud, 34 years old, from Qalqilya, as the prisoner suffers from psoriasis and dental and stomach problems, as a result of which he underwent an operation in 2019 in “Asaf Hrovy Hospital”, due to a stomach rupture, during which a net was placed inside it. In the words of the prisoner, the commission’s lawyer quoted: “The net that was placed was pressing on the stomach and intestines, and two years after the operation, he began to feel severe stomach aches.”

After examinations, the prisoner was informed that his small intestine had been closed, and a second operation was performed on him on 16th August 2021, where 50 cm of his intestines were removed.

In addition, the prisoner needs dental implants, and this is what the prison administration refuses.

Note that Daoud was arrested on December 8, 1987, and sentenced to life. He is one of the prisoners detained before the Oslo Accords. Israel refused to include him in the list of prisoners who were released and arrested before Oslo.

While the prisoner Salam Asaad Zaghal from Tulkarm, who is sentenced to life imprisonment, suffers from a stomach injury as a result of being shot at when he was arrested, in addition to an injury to the left leg, which led to a shortening of the foot by 3 cm, after which he underwent two operations, as a result, the prisoner needs shoes Special medicine to be able to walk.

Despite the medical report from the Ramle clinic, the prisoner needs medical shoes, but the prison administration deliberately transfers him to more than one clinic and provides him with shoes that are not suitable in terms of measurements, knowing that Al-Zaghal paid 700 shekels for his treatment for nothing.

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