The PLO expresses obvious disappointment at the slow pace of political activity under the Biden administration.


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Monday) chaired a meeting of the PLO Executive Committee convened at the Ramallah presidential headquarters.

In a statement issued at the end of the meeting, the PLO Executive Committee expressed disappointment at the slowness of US political activity on the Palestinian issue under the Biden administration.

In this context, the PLO Executive Committee noted that “we find ourselves forced to shirk obligations as long as compliance with the obligations is not reciprocal in word and deed by all parties concerned

The PLO Executive Committee has called on the international community and the US administration to put an end to the unilateral steps taken by Israel that are in conflict with Security Council Resolution 2334 and other UN resolutions.

At the level of the struggle, the PLO Executive Committee praised the steadfast standing of the Palestinian public and its participation in the escalating “popular struggle” against the “occupation and its settlers” in Jerusalem and Judea and west bank.

For his part the Palestinian Prime Minister D.Mohammad Shtayyeh welcomed the US insistence on reopening its consulate in occupied Arab Jerusalem closed by the former US administration and merged with the US embassy that was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in violation of international law, emphasizing that Jerusalem is an occupied land and what applies to the rest of the Palestinian territories under international law applies to it as well.

He said that reopening of the consulate, as stated by the US Secretary of State, is an important matter and a promise the United States has made, expressing hope that this will occur soon despite claims by the Israeli government it is operating on shaky grounds and that reopening the consulate could undermine it.

“It cannot be and is unacceptable to enable (the Israeli government) at the expense of Palestinian right in violation of international law,” he said.

“The world’s response to the settlement project, which is intensifying on a daily basis, must be by recognizing the State of Palestine,” stressed the Prime Minister, accusing Israel of not only demolishing homes of Palestinians while they are alive, but also demolishing graves of dead Palestinians, as in the case in the excavations official Israeli parties are undertaking in al-Yusufiya cemetery in East Jerusalem.


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