New Settlement Plans around Jerusalem torpedo the Two State Solution

Bethlehem /PNN/ report by: Madeeha Araj

The National Bureau for defending land and resisting settlements ( nbprs ) stated in its latest weekly report , that within their policy to end the so-called “two-state solution”, the occupation authorities have again resubmitted an old project to build thousands of new settlement residential and commercial units on the lands of the Qalandia area north of the occupied city, and they are currently promoting the construction of 10,000 settlement units in that area, specifically on the lands of the airport, which was seized in 1967, and classified it as “state lands,” to enable them building new settlement without the need to seize lands or even objections on that.

This will be the 2 nd settlement on the lands of East Jerusalem, since Israel approved the “Har Homa” settlement, which was established on Mount Abu Ghneim in 1997.

Within the context of settlement projects, details of the largest economic and recreational settlement complex in the AlSahl Al-Ahmar “Red Plain”" area east of the occupied Jerusalem was revealed, after thousands of dunums of Palestinian land were confiscated. In its details, the scheme is based on an area of ​​100 dunums on private Jerusalem lands owned by the people of Silwan town, who possess all the official documents for this.

The occupation authorities seized these lands years ago by military orders for the purpose of holding military training, and they were registered as “state lands.”

This settlement complex is located near the settlement of “Ma'ale Adumim”, east of Jerusalem. Its construction cost is NIS 730 million as support by the government, and Israeli institutions and Jewish investors in the world.

It includes commercial and entertainment centers, water canals, parking lots, restaurants and hotels designed in a modern Western style.

The settlement project, which was inaugurated last Sept. is supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Housing and several institutions concerned with settlement affairs. The occupation authorities seek through this huge project to cut off any geographical contiguity between Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank from the eastern side.

In the Bethlehem Governorate, the occupation authorities surveyed large areas of land in the town of Al-Khader in the areas of (Bakush, Al-Sha’af, Room Patriarchate, and the West of the town, estimated at hundreds of dunams for the benefit of the settlements. At the same time, the occupation bulldozers began razing large areas of the lands of Sebastia town, northwest of Nablus, in favor of settlement expansion.

The occupation forces closed the Al-Sahel area and prevented citizens from reaching their agricultural lands, while settlers called for an armed march in the Qana Valley once a month, the first starts from the settlement of “Havat Ya’ir” built west of Derastiya to the Al-Majur Spring.

As for settlers’ attacks on citizens during the olive season this year, many attacks took place against Palestinian farmers and their lands and olive trees in view and protection from the occupation army, in particular.

These attacks were concentrated in the northern West Bank and varied between burning, theft and cutting down trees. Farmers were
prevented from entering their lands, and sustained physical assault, as happened these days in the lands of Kafr Qaleel, Burin, Jalud, Qasra and Asira al-Qibliya in the Nablus Governorate, Bidya and Khallet Hassan in the Salfeet Governorate, Tayasir, Khallet Makhoul and Kardala in the northern Jordan Valley, Husan, Al-Khader and Beit Tamar in the Bethlehem Governorate and other areas.

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