PalAd Launches a campaign in the USA to expose Israeli violations of Palestinian children rights 


The Palestine Advocacy Project PalAd launched a campaign in the USA unveiling Israel’s violations of the Palestinian children’s rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The PALAD said: “After much work and research, the Palestine Advocacy Project is unveiling the PalAd Data Visualization project, an amalgamation of over 20 years of statistics on child detention in Palestine.

According to DCI Palestine, 500-700 Palestinian children between ages 12-17 are detained and prosecuted in the Israeli court each year. Since 2021, no detention numbers have been released because the Israeli government has refused to provide this information.

The data over the past 20 years is evidence of the abuse Palestinian youth endure by the Israeli government and Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF), as well as the gross oversight of laws as they should pertain to minors.

The visual conceptualization of the data makes clear the vast number of children detained, abused, and denied due process by the IDF and Israeli government. Equipped with this information, we are able to better advocate for the rights of these children and work toward ending unjust, inhumane treatment.

The project also has testimonials from children detained by the Israeli military.

Testimonial of Khalil Zaakiq, arrested at 13: “Around 2 A.M. someone knocked on the door. I woke up and saw a lot of soldiers in the house. They said we should all sit on the living room sofa and not move. The commander called Uday, my big brother told him to get dressed and informed him that he was under arrest. It was the third time they arrested him. My father was also once under arrest. Suddenly they told me to put my shoes on too and go with them.

They took us out of the house and tied our hands and covered our eyes. We went like that on foot to the base in Karmei Tzur. There they sat me on the floor with hands tied and eyes covered for around three hours. At about 5 A.M., they moved us to Etzion. On the way there in the jeep they hit us, they slapped me.

In Etzion, I was sent to be checked by a doctor. He asked if I had been beaten and I said yes. He didn’t do anything, only checked my blood pressure and said I could stand up to interrogation.

My interrogation started at 8 A.M. They asked me to tell them which children throw stones. I said I didn’t know, so the interrogator gave me a slap. The interrogation went on for four hours. Afterward, they put me into a dark room for 10 minutes and then took me back to the interrogation room, but now they only fingerprinted me and put me into a detention cell for an hour. After an hour, Uday and I were moved to Ofer Prison. I signed a confession, neither about myself nor about others.

I got out after nine days because I wasn’t guilty of anything. My parents had to pay 1,000 shekels for bail.

My little brother, who is 10, has been really afraid ever since. Whenever someone knocks at the door, he wets his pants.”

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