To support Palestine development & humanitarian action to UNRWA :Denmark will provide USD 154 million until the end of 2025


The Danish Representative Office in Ramallah announced that Denmark will provide USD 154 million until the end of 2025 in support of efforts in Palestine in terms of development assistance and humanitarian action to UNRWA.

The grant will underpin Denmark’s strategic framework for Palestine that aims to support a peaceful and negotiated solution of the Israel-Palestine as well as promoting stability in the region and improving the lives of ordinary Palestinians.

Denmark’s support focuses on upholding human rights and promoting democratic accountability, furthering green, climate-friendly growth, creating decent jobs as well as fostering resilience, peace, and stability. A particular focus is to support Palestinian women and youth.

Describing the grant as “very generous”, Prime Minister Shtayyeh said after the signing of the agreement that it will cover the sectors of local government, agriculture, civil society and other fields.

“We are grateful for the spirit of partnership between Palestine and Denmark,” he said, adding that this is not the first assistance, but “it is a process of partnership for peace and justice and development to alleviate poverty and unemployment and help build Palestinian institutions and to widen the capacity of the Palestinian economy that would enable us to disengage gradually from the colonial dependence that was imposed on us due to the fact that we are under occupation.”

Shtayyeh said that what is happening today is that “we share with you not only priorities but also the ultimate goal …. on the way to end the occupation and establish the Palestinian independent, sovereign, viable state to live side-by-side with all its neighbors.”

Ambassador Ketil Karlsen says: “I am very pleased that we can further strengthen the solid partnership between Denmark and Palestine with this important and ambitious agreement. We can only achieve our aspirations and ambitions by giving voice and new opportunities to youth and women while focussing on the momentous and long-term task of Palestinian state-building, development, peace, and stability.”

Since 2011, Denmark has provided USD 380 million to Palestine in official development assistance. Denmark has helped local communities coming together by building assembly halls, playgrounds as well as improving access through the construction of roads and infrastructure.

In the West Bank, Denmark has supported more than 350 small agribusinesses that have received co-investment support to start and expand their operations with a view to create jobs and promote economic growth. Denmark had supported more than 300 farmers in the access restricted areas (ARA) of the Gaza Strip to improve their productivity, through land and water development and rehabilitation of water structures and irrigation systems.

Denmark has provided help to vulnerable individuals in terms of legal aid from specialised partners. Civil society organizations have been supported in order to sustain their autonomy with a view to protect human rights and promote democracy.

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