2/3 of U.S.-based Middle East scholars say Israel is practicing apartheid


A survey that tracks the opinions of Middle East scholars based in the United States has stated that nearly 2/3 of U.S.-based Middle East scholars say Israel is practicing apartheid, while 57% said a two-state solution was impossible.

The survey, which came as a result of the finding by the Middle East Scholar Barometer, a joint initiative from the University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll and the Project on Middle East Political Science at George Washington University, has said that 72% thought the Abraham Accords had a negative impact on the prospect of peace in the region.

Back in February, the group’s first round of findings was released. In that poll 59% of scholars described Israel as a “one-state reality akin to apartheid”, and 52% said that a two-state solution was no longer possible.

The poll shows that academics have a very low opinion of the Abrahams Accords. 72% of those poll said they would negatively impact the prospect of Israeli-Palestinian peace and 70% said they’d have a negative impact on expanding human rights in the region.

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